DIPChain promotes contemporary art cognition, contemporary art appreciation, cutting-edge art experience and public art life through community ecology to build a distributed art economic ecology.

DIPChain – Department of individual pioneer

Designed to attract emerging artists, creativity designers and independent art unions and brands. Focus on new ideas and Originally-Created Culture, as well as promote contemporary art, music, and literature. We collect the excellent art resources and core art news to create an artistic life system for every young artist and art experiencer.

It provides a platform to innovate contemporary art industry, linking artists, art works, art practitioners, collectors and art ecological industry, paralleling new technologies of the Internet of Things(IOT) to create a zero-distance, borderless, professional and intellectual art space

Why we create DIPChain?

状态通道 - Aeternity Blockchain

Narrow circulation channels and high circulation barriers

去中心化的预言机 - Aeternity Blockchain

Lack of systematic trainings for potential artist

共识 - Aeternity Blockchain

The centralization of traditional transactions

独一无二的技术治理 - Aeternity Blockchain

Opacity of authentication and authorization mechanisms

共识 - Aeternity Blockchain

lack of Artwork pricing standards

独一无二的技术治理 - Aeternity Blockchain

monotonous business modes of art industry business

DIPChain Promotes the Reform of Art Industry

状态通道 - Aeternity Blockchain

4 billion investment

去中心化的预言机 - Aeternity Blockchain

80,000 artists’incubation

共识 - Aeternity Blockchain

500 galleries join in

独一无二的技术治理 - Aeternity Blockchain

Identification of 100,000 works of art

共识 - Aeternity Blockchain

700 million/year market turnover

独一无二的技术治理 - Aeternity Blockchain

700,000 art lovers gathered

Our Technology


Read the White Paper and Start the Journey of Science and Technology

Read the White Paper and Start the Journey of Science and Technology

Read our White Paper

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DIPChain Implementation plan

Artwork Token – Weakened Barriers
Each artwork will generate a unique certificate, realizing the asset securitization of artworks to be confirmed through smart contracts to each participating potential art collector. Collectors can trade in the community on the ownership of art works and gain value improvement. Lower transaction threshold, and reduce investment risk.
Art Fund – Support Young Artists
DIPChain will establish the DIPChainART Foundation to promote the healthy development of global art market, support young art creative talents, provide art resources, creative spaces to guarantee a healthy cycle of artists' creation, so that more art fans could participate in it.
Decentralized and Efficient Intelligent Trading Community
Provide a smarter, safer and more convenient trading experience. In the art trading mode, the intelligent blockchain contract system is adopted. Any two parties can confirm the right with their own digital identity as an endorsement according to the terms of the smart contract and the target object of confirmation can be easily traced to its source.
Traceability of the Entire Art Cycle
By collecting and recording the ownership of copyright, personal right, and property right of each artwork, a unique hash fingerprint is generated, and de-centered registration is performed along with owner information, creator information and circulation information. The blockchain technology ensures that the data cannot be tampered with, and the artwork information can be traced to its source.
Decentralized Art Community Consensus
Through a complete evaluation system, the community consensus represents the value of whole art category, the circulation of art and its financial value can reach unprecedented popularity and height.
“Art + Life” Space - Support the Whole Industrial Chain
Create a new artistic living space with the theme of “Art + Life”, and integrate art and design with a variety of presentations to unify creativity and life unite.


Launch mainnet 2021/6 Launch art finance platfrom 2021/3 Launch art finance test platfrom 1.0 2020/12 Launch testnet 1.0 2020/9 Launch artwork trading platform1.0 2020/6 Launch DIPChainLive 2020/3 Launch DIPChainLive test 1.0 2019/12 DIPC Presale will be close 2019/9 Launch DIPChain Project 2019/1


Ph.D. in Engineering Economics and Industrial Development Process, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. Eric has rich management experience in multinational companies as well as deep overseas cooperation resources. He used to be the general manager of FINAM GLOBAL in Asia Pacific Area, and the overseas market leader of a renowned financial platform. In 2018, he established the art blockchain project DIPChain.

Thomas Arts, PhD

Eric Wang

DIPChain Founder

A young artist who explored life in New York, studied at Beijing Institute of Technology and Parsons School of Design at The New School. After arriving in New York, She explored the art form of interactive experience. In the process of studying design and technology, she gained a lot of inspiration and gradually formed her creative style. Her work "Emancipation of the street" was exhibited at the Art House of Venice, Italy. In 2018, she joined DIPChain Project.

Thomas Arts, PhD

Yueyin Hu

DIPChain Co-founder

In 2008, Liang Hai used to be the CTO of Webcars.com, responsible for the development and construction of the technical team, business platform and calculator system. He has extensive experience in product development and management. In 2015, he was responsible for development of mining machine power assisted hardware of the chain network technology company, in the field of mining machine application. In 2018, he co-founded the DIPChain project and served as the chief architect.

Thomas Arts, PhD

Liang Hai

DIPChain Chief Architect

Master of Software Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University. An early investor of Bitcoin, an early evangelist of the blockchain industry. In 2014, he began to participate in Bitcoin investment, and in 2016 he founded a blockchain information community. In 2018, he served as general manager of DIPChain project.

Thomas Arts, PhD

Johnny Wang


MBA, Fonder of ADA Group, Boston, studied at New York University, Columbia University, and Harvard University. He worked in the top ten hedge fund companies in the United States and served as the head of multiple departments, participated in planning and responsible for overseas business projects of AnBang Group, Hainan Airlines, Charoen Pokphand Group and so on. He also serves as an overseas project consultant for many consulting companies.

Thomas Arts, PhD

Yaojun Zeng


Xin Song creates modern paper-cut works that borrow imagery from contemporary magazines. The artist uses the Chinese folk paper technique (originally called Jianzhi) to challenge our taboos, our relationship with society, and the way we think about ourselves. Song builds collages around certain narratives such as current affairs, politics, war, health, beauty, fashion, poverty, luxury, environment, nature, technology, or sex. Many of these topics become paired within her work, such as Sex=Taboo? and Lust Caution.

Yanislav Malahov

Song Xin

Contemporary Paper-cut Artist

Argentine artist, has worked in animation and film production, graphic design. Currently living in Brooklyn, New York. The work often mixes a variety of media, including pencil painting, cloth propylene, wood sculpture and digital drawing. Sonni's work is full of memories of the lost memories of adolescence and childhood.

Marion Vogel


Graffiti Artist / Toy Designer

A French illustrator living in London. Mcbess's drawings often present himself at the center of a surrealist world filled with food and musical references, such as amps, guitars and records. Mcbess is also a musician in the band "The Dead Pirates.” Since 2007, Mcbess has been published in several renowned magazines, such as Juxtapoz, Illustrated Ape, and Hi-Fructose.

Nikola Stojanow

Mc Bess


An American artist and filmmaker. His work has been part of creative projects such as Banksy's Dismaland and The Cunning Little Vixen, a new production of the Leoš Janáček opera involving the Cleveland Orchestra. He works in many mediums and starting in 2010 began producing cardboard sculptures that focus on white forms with pinstripe outlines to convey the notion of 3 dimensional drawings. In 2018 he was a participating artist in Beyond The Streets artshow curated by Roger Gastman.

Emin Mahrt

Bill Barminski

Contemporary artist

In New York who often uses bright colors and interesting shapes to create graffiti. He worked as the chief mentor on joint work over graffiti all over the world and was included into nominees to Banksy award for “Exit through the gift shop” documental movie. Long-term partners are Disney, Converse, Hello Kitty, Samsung, Nike and Coca-Cola. Different collections of limited release keep releasing under the current work and brand of Stay Melty 3, including toys, prints, shirts, etc.

Sergei Evdokimov, PhD


Street Artist

Futura started to paint illegally on New York City's subway in the early 1970s, painted backdrops live on-stage for British punk rock band The Clash's 1981 European tour. In 1985, he was on the first meeting of the graffiti and urban art movement in Bondy (France). More recently, he is a successful graphic designer and gallery artist. In 2012, Futura designed the special edition Hennessy V.S. bottle.

Erik Stenman, PhD



Andrew Hladky is an oil painting artist who lives and works in London. In 2010 Andrew Hladky won the London Festival Fringe Art Award and was shortlisted for the East London Painting Prize in 2015. Usagi Acid, Electronic Artist / Indie Musician. The concept of Karmacura Studio is "to heal the earth through the fusion of art and music." It is also a primary purpose to bring people into extraordinary spaces through this integration.

Thomas Arts, PhD

Andrew Hladky

Oil Painting Artist

Daniel Arsham is an American artist who lives and works in New York City. Raised in Miami, Florida, Arsham attended the Cooper Union in New York City where he received the Gelman Trust Fellowship Award in 2003. Arsham founded Snarkitecture with partner Alex Mustonen in 2007 In 2014 Arsham’s Films of the Future was born.

Thomas Arts, PhD

Daniel Arsham

Contemporary artist

He graduated from the Art Department of Kyushu University and has received systematic training in many art media such as painting, sculpture and landscape design. His creative field is diverse, from graphic design to solid sculpture. The style of creation is free and bold, and it is good at discovering the medium and inspiration of creation from the street. Living materials, minimalist structures and stylized use of thick lines are special features of their work.

Thomas Arts, PhD


installation artist

Marta visual artist, interaction designer. She work on biotechnology, user interface design, dynamic visual design and 3D printing is currently focused on the Bio Art bioarts field. Marta Molina Gomez hopes to explore social issues around science and technology through research in the fields of materials and art science. Marta Molina Gomez's latest work is to design 3D spaces from biodegradable materials to study the behavior and communication of living things in 3D space.

Thomas Arts, PhD

Marta Molina Gomez

Bio art artist

Nychos was born in 1982 in Bruck an der Mur, in Austria. He was confronted at a very young age with this brutal and cruel environment. In 2005, he founded the “Rabbit Eye Movement”, a street art and communication agency. In 2011, he founded “THE WEIRD” crew. Since 2012, Nychos has continued to get noticed, thanks to the many walls he painted, and to the participation of other renowned artists such as Revok, Arys, FlyingFortress.

Thomas Arts, PhD


Artist /toy designer

Zhou Yilun graduated in 2006 from the oil painting department at China Academy of Art. He currently lives and works in Hangzhou. He has exhibited at the KWM art center in Beijing, China, YA! Berserk Shenzhen(2018); appearing in The Post Southern Song Dynasty, an exhibition of works featuring the Martin Goya Business artist collective.

Thomas Arts, PhD

Yilun Zhou

Installation Artist / Curator

Professor of New York city college of technology,Ph.D of New York University, Institute of Fine Arts, Art History. His research interests include sinicize modernism in twentieth-century Chinese art, issues related to nationalism and globalism in contemporary Chinese art, and the changing role of politics in art and culture of modern and contemporary China. his research and curatorial work extends to issues of cultural identity, ethnicity and transnationalism in the practice of artists in the Chinese diaspora.

Thomas Arts, PhD

Zhijian Qian